NICHS at Stormont for the Red Dress Fun Run!

Sunday 25th February 2024 Braving that frosty Sunday morning to get the coffee and hot chocolates out to all those taking part! Out in force today to support Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke for their annual Red Dress Fun Run! Providing coffee throughout the event, all proceeds went straight to this good cause with […]

Boosting Business Productivity with the Right Coffee Machine

Every successful business understands the importance of motivated and energetic employees. At the heart of many businesses, lies a humble yet powerful tool that boosts morale and productivity – the coffee machine. Here at Coffology Ireland, we delve into the transformative power of business coffee machines. The Role of Coffee in the Workplace Coffee isn’t […]

The Magic Behind Bean to Cup Coffee Machines: Coffology Ireland Introduces the Vitro Series

Coffee aficionados across the Emerald Isle have a reason to rejoice, thanks to Coffology Ireland. Our commitment to providing the best in coffee solutions is evident in our range of bean to cup coffee machines. If you’ve ever been captivated by the lure of a freshly brewed cup of joe and have wondered how to […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Commercial Coffee Machine Suppliers in Belfast

Welcome to Coffology Ireland’s expert guide on searching for the finest commercial coffee machine suppliers in Belfast & Northern Ireland. Whether you’re a café owner, restaurant manager, or business owner looking to provide top-notch coffee to your customers, we’ve got you covered. We’ll address the most common questions people ask about commercial coffee machines and […]

Launch month is officially over!

Launch month is officially over! Our picture from NICHS’ press release was picked up by The Irish News’ Business diary last week as well, giving us great exposure to the wider NI business community.